And we’re live!

After a few challenges getting my domain figured out, I have successfully migrated my site content (now updated) to a new server. The puppy questionnaire is now a web based form you can complete and submit right from the website (how cool is that?). Since computers are not really my deal, I view this whole thing as an accomplishment! You all will have to bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of blogging but I will be posting updates on our upcoming litter here as well as on FB. Be sure and check back.

Welcome to the new and improved site!

I’ve spent some long muscle cramping hours parked in front of the ‘puter giving my website a long overdue makeover and enjoying the walk down memory lane as I revisited old stories and photos. Time has flown! It’s hard to believe I got my first ES 20 years ago. Our upcoming litter is descended from those first dogs. I’ll continue to work on things so check back soon!