Alice/Sawyer pups 1 week…

The color coming out on some of these pups is very interesting.  I’ve long noticed brown highlights in Alice’s black/white coat but I never thought to consider her color seal.  However, several of her pups have definite brown cast to their fur.  You can see it most clearly on Hatter’s spot on his neck.  Treacle seems to have a general all over cast of brown.  Some of the other pups have brown coming in on their chins and many have brown on the underside of their tail.  I’ve included a picture of Alice nursing the pups and you can see her front leg carries this same brownish cast.








Tweedle Dum


Mad Hatter

close up of Hatter's brown coloring

Tweedle Dee

Seal coloring?

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One Response to Alice/Sawyer pups 1 week…

  1. Diane says:

    Alice’s brother, Shane, also has a brownish cast to his coat if he’s standing in the right light. We had a seal pup in his litter last year. At just under a year, he is now black and white with a red saddle. It will be interesting to see what color he is when mature.
    Cute pictures:) I get a kick out of “Queen”.
    You have good succinct descriptions of your dogs and how you expect the pups to develop on the ESC listings.

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