Alice/Sawyer pups 2 weeks old

Alice’s pups are a few days behind Ivy’s in age and it’s interesting to see the difference that makes in development.  Alice’s pups all have their eyes open but they are not yet as active.  I am hearing some “big dog barks” though and they will scramble up in our laps when we sit in the box.  So far no one has escaped the box though!  Alice too is enjoying more freedom from her pups coming out to do chores with me and having some family time.  She is a velcro dog and misses hanging out with us but her devotion to her puppies is very strong.  I’ve found it interesting to see the mutual interest each mother has in the other one’s pups.  When one mom is outside the other will ask to see her pups.  I’ve allowed this mostly to manage the introductions in a supervised way and to take note of their attitudes.  It doesn’t surprise me that they see the “other puppies” as needing their love and attention and they clean and even nurse them as if they were their own.

Alice/Sawyer pups 2012 – 2 weeks old

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2 Responses to Alice/Sawyer pups 2 weeks old

  1. Nancy Gagnon says:

    The puppies are soooo cute! Thanks for the videos

    I watched both videos of the new pups. Trixie didn’t react at all to either of the new videos. Although, interestingly enough, when I fired up one of the videos of her litter, she got very excited and started to bark and wag.


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