Ivy/Rudy pups – 2 weeks old….

Thought I’d take video in lieu of pictures this week.  I think the only pup that didn’t get some screen time was Jasper.  Actually, he is the very first pup I zoom in on (wide white collar) but you don’t see much of his face.  He was the first pup to open his eyes this week followed by Turquoise.  Those little eyes looking at you just make the pups faces come alive so the cuteness factor is definitely on the rise!  Garnet steals the show this time by showing how she can bark.  One of the pups, either Opal or Tiger’s Eye (they are marked similarly) managed to climb out of the whelping box last night.  I heard puppy cries that were a little more urgent than normal and when I went down to check there was this lone pup scrambling around on the floor. Someone has an adventurous spirit!  Ivy is still content to stay in the same room with the pups most of the time but she spends less time in the box with them.  She’s enjoying longer outings outside and visits with the family now too.

Good Shepherd Ivy/Rudy 2012 pups-2 weeks

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4 Responses to Ivy/Rudy pups – 2 weeks old….

  1. Lora Root says:

    They are adorable. It was so much fun to see them, thanks for posting the video! We had an English Sheperd for almost 16 1/2 years. She died this past September. She was a wonderful dog. She was my shadow…I still miss her!

    • Administrator says:

      Wow, 16 -1/2 years! I’m struck by how many people I’ve talked to that have mentioned their long-lived ES. She must have gotten great care.

  2. Annie says:

    The videos were great to watch -even our cat Lola enjoys watching her new pal!

  3. Annie says:

    The videos were great to watch! Even our cat Lola enjoys watching her new pal!

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