Easter morning….

What a lovely day!  We were blessed with a birth this morning; a timely event to mark the celebration of life and re-birth!   Nellie (who we didn’t think was due for another week) gifted us with a good sized buckling.  When I left she was still drying him off and getting acquainted.  I’m pretty sure he is a single.

Up on his feet for the first time....look how tall he is!

We noticed her in labor during chores so I hung around the barn and did some cleaning up while keeping an eye on her.  Our beloved barn cat, Fritti Tailchaser, was curled up under the rabbit cages.  We had warned him that it wasn’t the best place to nap…..

Fritti's gift from the "Easter bunny"

Here’s the wise guy  in the above picture.  His name is Joe and he is a Champagne D’Argent.  Champagnes are a large meat breed with a beautiful silver ticked fur.  They are born black and lighten up as they mature.  My daughter will be showing Joe in 4-H this year.


Ivy having some words with the wise guy.

And last but not least, one of our Ameraucana hens.  This is Meg 1.  (not to be confused with Meg 2 who looks very similar but is not nearly so tame).  I love this chicken.  She comes when you call, lets you pick her up and is so beautifully colored.  Ameraucanas are also known as Easter Eggers for the colored eggs they lay.  Meg 1′s eggs are a pretty blue/green.  She decided to make a nest in the stall where Nellie was kidding.

Meg 1

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