5 weeks old….The world is a big place!

This past week has been a fun one.  The pups adjusted to their outside digs pretty quickly and although they still come in at night (our nights have been in the 30′s), I think they’re getting to the point that they could sleep outside pretty soon, especially if mom is there to watch over them.  They like their roomy pens which allow for much more freedom to romp and play.  Plus they can accommodate visitors so much better!  If I can’t find the kids, all I have to do is look in the puppy pen! This is great because although they are kind and careful with the pups, they are typical children and can get loud and silly and all that is great exposure for these babies.

The poultry pen is directly across from the puppy pen, so they can see and hear the ducks and chickens.  They’ve started noticing the free ranging poultry and have been experimenting a little with moving them.

Pearl and Agate notice the ducks.


I love this next series of shots.  This was the first time the chickens were out in number with Alice’s pups.  Alice wanted to put the silkie rooster away and it seems little Duchess is trying to help.

The pups are also getting more time with the other adult dogs.  ”Auntie” Maya is fascinated with them  and Sawyer is especially interested in his pups this time around.

Playtime with Maya

Dad trying to scare his kids (not really)

Sawyer demonstrating how to roll in the dirt.

We also are doing some supervised mingling of the two litters.  It’s a lot of pups when they’re all out together!  the adult dogs help us keep track of everyone.

Puppy play group!
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3 Responses to 5 weeks old….The world is a big place!

  1. Cindy says:

    I just LOVE your puppy posts, Amy! LOL – “Dad trying to scare his kids” :) Great picture for an ES caption contest!! Wish the time was right for us to get another puppy – sigh… :)

  2. Grandma Dorsch says:

    I love to see all the updates Amy! They are getting so big already. I wish I could stilll travel, I’d love to be there and pet, love, and play with them ALL! The kids will have such great memories of these times, and so will you and Mike! I love you all anad miss you so much…………..

  3. Adam says:

    Man, look at all those puppies! :)

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