The difference in mothering

It’s been interesting watching these two mothers.  Both have great maternal instincts.  Both are very interested in the other’s pups…to the point of mothering them.  But Ivy definitely has that experienced mother vibe about her.  She’s like the mom of 8 kids (ahem, that would be me) who loves her kids but doesn’t get uptight about every little squeak they make.  So, pup yipes in a playful scuffle with a litter mate and Ivy says, “Suck it up, you’re fine, go play.”  Alice by contrast is the infatuated first time mother who is doting, tolerant, gentle and very attentive.  We had friends (not real familiar to Alice) stop by a couple of weeks ago and popped down to look at the pups.  Ivy was under the impression they were there to lavish attention on her and praise her for her superb puppy producing skills.  She was more than happy to have them handle her babies so she could take a break outside.  Alice on the other hand was a little more put off by strangers wanting to see her babies, much like that new mother that is reluctant to hand her precious offspring off to just anybody.  She was in the pen with her pups and although she said hello to our friends and allowed them to pat her head, she warned them away from the babies.  She is more than happy to let her family relieve her of any puppy duties so it’s more about protection of her brood.   I have to say I can relate to both attitudes.  I was a fiercely protective new mother and over time I’ve learned to relax and realize that kids are pretty resilient.

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