Alice/Sawyer pups….5 weeks old

Well, we’ve seen some blossoming and changing of personalities here this week, most notably Duchess who is not quite the sweet thing that I made her out to be earlier.  I remarked to little Queen (in one of her quieter moments) that it appeared that she and her sister may have exchanged brains!  Duchess is definitely asserting herself more with her litter mates and I would now place her just below Queen in pack order.



Treacle and Cheshire are more middle of the pack but with a little spunk.  Treacle seems to have a curious adventurous side, Cheshire likes to play with the toys and seeks them out.



Hatter is Cheshire’s counterpart in the boys.  Tweedle Dum who I pegged as a more mild, sensitive pup has blossomed into a very outgoing, playful boy always seeking my attention.

Mad Hatter

Tweedle Dum

Jabberwock and Tweedle Dee are still “bubba” pups; good natured, outgoing and affectionate.



Tweedle Dee

Gryphon has retained his bold, adventurous, confident spirit but it doesn’t seem to be in as much contrast to his litter mates as it was in the beginning.  Either he’s mellowing out a bit or the others are spunking up.


One thing I have noticed is that all these babies have a real tendency to play with their paws.  They slap each other and swipe the air much more than Ivy’s pups do.  I find this interesting as this is one of Sawyers favorite gestures when he plays.  One of his nicknames is “Slappy Man” as a result.  Are such things heritable?  I think maybe so!

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4 Responses to Alice/Sawyer pups….5 weeks old

  1. Nancy Gagnon says:

    I think the “Slappy Man” trait is indeed inheritable. Trixie is VERY paw expressive – we have learned to guard against “the Paws”.

  2. Administrator says:

    Oh funny Nancy! It’s hysterical to see these pups swiping at you from 3 feet away when you talk to them. I agree “The Paws” can be a bit dangerous and we’ve learned to guard against them too. I like the term “paw expressive”. Sounds so scientific.

    • Nancy Gagnon says:

      I got the expressive term from describing how our dogs have communicated with us. Ninkaasi was vocal – we termed it “monkey talk” not just barking but a happy noise (think calm Tarzan jungle noise) as she got more excited. Trix barks with authority, but it sounds like Sawyer, she shows more expression with how she reaches out with her paws. By the way, she leads with her right, but has a quick follow with her left.

  3. Rob McMillin says:

    Queen looks like a baby Maddy. So sweet!

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