Ivy/Rudy pups….5 weeks old

Personalities this week have stayed fairly consistent with the exception of little Carnelian who came into his own this week.  He still consistently finds my lap but but he is no longer the mild pup that avoids his big brothers and sisters.  He’s right out there in the thick of things letting the others know that he’s got enough spunk to take care of himself.

Little Carnelian (Carl) who is bigger in spirit this week

Peridot’s leg issue resolved itself and he has become more active but still seems to be a middle of the road pup with a sweet nature like his brother Jasper.


Jasper (Pearl in the background on the cinder block)

Turquoise and Tiger’s Eye are still really similar.  They are asserting themselves a little more in play but are not over the top in their dominance displays.



Of the girls, Agate and Garnet are still definitely in the upper end of the pack order being pretty assertive and bossy with their litter mates.


Garnet (who is the spitting image of her mother)

Pearl is up there too but I don’t notice as quite as many scuffles involving her.  Same with Opal.




Coral is very middle of the pack.

Winding down after playtime

Onyx, Jade and Amber fall in that middle to low end of the pack having more laid back, mellow temperaments.




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One Response to Ivy/Rudy pups….5 weeks old

  1. Cindy says:

    Its just amazing – each one is getting more and more adorable!! :) )

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