The 6 week mark…

It’s hard to believe that in just two short weeks these guys will be going off to their new homes.  Of all the pups in both litters, there are only a few of Alice’s pups left to place.  This last week saw the pups growing not just in size but in confidence as they experienced more new things.  They have regular romps outside their pens and have been having fun exploring all the nooks and crannies around the buildings and playing in the tall grass of the hay field.

Romping through the hay field

They’ve visited the barn and the goats and have had an opportunity to play with the bottle kid.  They’re also showing more interest in the chickens and will go to the fence and watch them.  The cats so far have decided to keep their distance so we’ll work on that this week and bribe Fritti with to come play with them.  Another thing we’ve started on and will be continuing is bringing the pups individually into an unfamiliar area of the house to visit and see how they handle strange surroundings.  With 22 pups it’s a process that takes a while!

Alice showing her pups how to nurture

We’ve had several visitors out to see pups so they are meeting and being handled by different people.   They are now staying outside overnight.  The weather has been fairly nice for a midwest spring and we’ve had a number of nice sunny days.  When we do have rain and wind they hunker down in their shelters and stay warm and dry.  They are all eating really well and although their moms still nurse them, they really don’t need the milk.  Ivy and Alice share mothering duties.  It really doesn’t matter whose pup it is.  Ivy is more of the disciplinarian, Alice is more indulgent (this goes back to that post about the difference in mothering I think).  Ivy also prefers to stay outside as much as possible to keep watch over the pups.

Moms and pups (Alice is nursing everyone!)

I took some video of them playing outside and if you can bear my amateur shooting, you may be able to pick out your favorite.

Good Shepherd pups – Spring 2012 – 6 weeks

Here are 6 week pictures:

Ivy/Rudy pups









Carlnelian (with Jasper and mom in background)



Tiger's Eye


Alice/Sawyer pups





Tweedle Dum


Tweedle Dee


Mad Hatter

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2 Responses to The 6 week mark…

  1. Cindy Carlson says:

    These pictures are so wonderful! I especially love the one of your daughter and Alice licking the little kid goat :)

  2. Adam says:

    A few of them remind me of Sierra when she was a puppy!

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