A litter of legacies…

Many of you know this but some may not have heard….

On Thursday we lost our beautiful mother Ivy to an accident.  The mailman pulled in our drive to turn around and for some reason Ivy felt the need to run him off.  This wasn’t typical behavior but the fact that she had pups here made her a little more concerned about intrusions into her territory.  The mailman didn’t see her and she was hit and killed.  Her pups, at 6 weeks of age, are old enough to get along.  They are eating well and really hadn’t been nursing that much.  Thankfully Alice is here to step into the other mothering duties.  The two seemed to have an arrangement to raise their pups somewhat communally so Ivy’s babies will not be without the influence of a mother.  It’s been an incredibly difficult week but we’re doing OK.  As I sit surrounded by all her puppies who scamble into my lap, chew on my jacket or tug on my shoelaces, it’s hard to dwell on death and loss.  They are so full of life and hope and I know that Ivy will live on in each one of them.   That’s one of the reasons I chose to breed; to pass on the legacy of these dogs so that others can experience the richness they bring to our lives.

Good Shepherd's Blacksheep Ivy 2006-2012

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5 Responses to A litter of legacies…

  1. Cindy says:

    This is a lovely picture of beautiful, smart Ivy – Cosi has that same look in her eyes sometimes – to me it seems like wisdom and devotion, but of course I am not sure… I am so sorry this happened, but I know Ivy was very proud of all her beautiful puppies and will be watching over them all from wherever good dogs go :) )

  2. katie says:

    oh what a heart-breaking post to read! i am so, so sorry for your loss! i have been so enjoying your pupdates and reading about ivy and alice’s collaborative mothering approach…. very sorry to read this.

  3. Sherri Isely says:

    Tears are rolling down my face…so sorry. As I said, accidents happen and it’s the cruel part of life. Sending hugs to you and your family and all the animals. She was a beautiful, loving dog and we too will miss her. So glad that we got to meet her and that we have a part of her, our dog Saywer.

  4. Heather Brown says:

    We were so very sad to hear about Ivy. The thought of your loss is heartbreaking. We are so blessed to have our Reese (formerly Willow) from Ivy’s Halloween litter. She is such a gift to our family. We hope you can rest knowing that Ivy has brought joy to not only your family, but those of all the pups she cared for and nurtured. Blessings to you and yours. – Heather Brown

  5. Marilyn Obermeyer says:

    I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful dog, Ivy. Eventhough I don’t know you personally, I want to ending comforting thoughts your way. Ivy will live on in all those wonderful puppies she had, and in the loving memories you have of her.

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