Ivy/Rudy pups 7 weeks old….

They’re almost ready to leave.  It’s been a tough week but these babies have given me the gift of laughter and eased my heart so much. It’s amazing the changes they go through in the last weeks.  It’s like watching a flower unfold;  the difference between the bud and the full bloom.  The characteristics we noticed in each pup early on are still there but they are richer and more easily observed.  We had fun bringing everyone in the house for a little personal time this week.  The reactions varied from mild concern to no concern at all.  Those pups who initially were a little worried about the strange new environment, quickly found their feet and demonstrated the kind of resilience I like to see.  I’ll be treasuring this last week. I will be sad to see them go but at the same time I’m so happy to be passing on a little bit of Ivy and Rudy to their new owners.  Little legacies indeed.

Alice with her adopted pups

Carnelian and Opal



Jade laughing

Hey, Coral! Your ear is inside out!

Hey, Turquoise, yours is too!

Carnelian...looks like he's blowing raspberries at Maya!


Agate - queen of cinderblock


Onyx and Garnet (the two that resemble their mother the most.

Amber and Peri with Garnet behind

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3 Responses to Ivy/Rudy pups 7 weeks old….

  1. Martha says:

    Amy, they just get more beautiful every day! I can’t wait to hold my boy.

  2. Sheila Peterson says:

    Ugh! Going to a long two weeks!!!! Do you have any pics of Jade standing up? :)

  3. Gail Bauer says:

    I so wanted to get up there this weekend, but there was a 3-day dog show here, and I spent time with basset friends. I’m almost an honorary basset owner!! By the way, that will NEVER happen. There are a couple of horses in Elizabeth that I’d like to look at, too, but maybe something is telling me to stay away. LOL

    Ivy’s puppies are beautiful. Alice’s are nice too, but I’m partial to tris. You chose to keep Alice’s Queen, didn’t you? I love her speckles!

    I know their leaving will be bitter sweet, but they’re going to great homes, and you’ll get to hear about them. BTW, if you know anyone who’s looking for a little older ESY female, please send them my way. It’s time for Amina to move on. :-)

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