Alice/Sawyer pups week 7…

It was hard to get pictures on everyone this week.  We had some rainy weather plus they are *always* moving!  If anyone knows the trick of how to get those shots of the whole litter on a bench or in a wagon looking directly at the camera, you could probably make a good buck selling advice to people like me!  The time is going by so fast.  Confidence is growing.  Now when we let them out to play, they go in all directions, squirming through the livestock fence to investigate the goats, crawling under the horse trailer, exploring the outbuildings….one pup even made it to the top of the swingset’s slide platform – yikes!  I don’t know if it takes a village to raise a child but it definitely takes one to raise a litter.  Good thing I have plenty of puppy wranglers here.  This litter will be tested on Tuesday.  We hope to be able to confirm the placements we’ve made and give each owner the results of the test which might let them know where their pup’s natural tendencies lie.

Duchess, Hatter, Cheshire, T.Dee, Gryphon & Queen

Tweedle Dee ready to play baseball



Tweedle Dum & Hatter on the climbing wall


Treacle (the pups are looking at Duchess who had just absconded with the remnants of a turkey wing buried in the dirt).

Queen exploring under the rabbit cage

The End

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2 Responses to Alice/Sawyer pups week 7…

  1. What cuties! I like the ticking on Queen’s nose, and the all-black puppies are striking. They all look like a fun-loving, playful bunch!

  2. Kyt Eubanks says:

    Amy, They are a beautiful bunch of pups! Alice and Sawyer did great. Kyt

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