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Video! Pups 4 weeks old and outside…

One of both litters:  Good Shepherd Pups – Spring 2012 – 4weeks old Alice’s pups:  Good Shepherd Alice/Sawyer pups – 4 weeks Ivy’s pups:  Good Shepherd Ivy/Rudy pups – 2012 – 4 weeks old

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More than little black faces….Alice/Sawyer pups 4 weeks old

I had an easier time making notes on Alice and Sawyer’s pups.  Not sure why.  Maybe it’s because there are less of them.  Maybe it’s because the combination of their parents’ traits have come through in a clearer way.  Whatever … Continue reading

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Personality plus….Ivy/Rudy pups 4 weeks old

I realize how many of you have been waiting for some updates regarding the budding personalities of these guys.  Thanks for your patience.  I think with Ivy’s last litter I had the same struggle.  There is a great deal of … Continue reading

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Puppy Wranglers…

One of the upsides to raising pups in a large family is that there is no shortage of hands to help.  Here are some pics I snapped of the kids with the pups.  Enjoy!

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Alice/Sawyer pups 3 weeks old….

We’ve hit the 3 week mark and it seems the pups have crossed over that invisible line and are playing, barking, coming up to greet us, scrambling up into our laps….all things they weren’t quite doing a week ago.  I’m … Continue reading

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