8 weeks old…..

There are just two pups that have yet to find their homes.  Duchess and Tweedle Dum are both Alice/Sawyer pups.  Duchess is a confident, assertive girl with a bit of an independent spirit.  She is responsive and outgoing but is also very into her surroundings and wants to check everything out.  She is a dog that will benefit from some work to do and should have an owner that understands good leadership and will work to establish a strong bond with her.  I can see her doing well in a working farm environment where she could oversee the routines of the farm and be a partner to her human.

Tweedle Dum is a very responsive pup with a great outgoing, affectionate personality.  He is bold and adventurous but always comes running when you call.  His seal coloring grows more apparent every day and I think he is quite striking.  He would make a nice training prospect for obedience, agility or pet therapy.  He has also shown some interest in the ducks.

Here you can see the seal color clearly. It's most apparent on his ears, around his eyes and on his sides and skirt.

That's corn on his nose. He was cleaning up spilled grain.

Here is a video of Queen, T.Dum and Duchess having fun climbing and sliding:

Alice/Sawyer pups playing

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One Response to 8 weeks old…..

  1. Cindy says:

    I love Tweedle Dum. :) I wish the time was right to get another puppy now…

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