9 week old adventures…

We’ve had a fun week with the pups.  The last of Ivy’s pups left for her new home on Tuesday and Tweedle Dum heads to his on Sunday so that just leaves Duchess.  I’m glad we still have her as it is giving me the opportunity to peg her personality a little better.  I’m still seeing some independence and assertiveness but she is learning to look to us more, like a good ES should. She is a bold, confident pup and fearlessly tries new things.  She now scales the kids playset stairs and climbing wall with ease and I can see the wheels working when she looks down the slide from the platform.

We’ve been bringing these last pups into the house more to work on housebreaking and manners and taking them on errands and outings to continue their socialization.  We’ve visited the park (Duchess wanted to go meet EVERYONE and chase the blackbirds; T.Dum was content to flop by us in the grass and kill dandelions), and the local $$ store where we got new collars and some bones.  They’ve also come along to deliver lunch to Mike who has been helping a friend with field work.

The day Garnet left,  the kids and I spent the morning constructing a homemade puppy agility course (it’s a little safer than the kids playset).  It started off with me noticing a large PVC tube tucked in the corner of  the shed.  I thought the pups might like to crawl through it so we brought it out and braced it with some 1/2 rounds of firewood.  We took a board and added a dog walk and my kids contributed the orange cones for weave poles.   Pieces of steak were nice enticements to try the obstacles and before we knew it they were tackling everything with gusto.  The tunnel/tube was by far the favorite.  One would get in and claim it as theirs while the others would try to plow through.

Duchess checking out the tube

"It's mine."

"Come on, you have to share!"

Tweed getting the hang of it.

Our girl Queen. Aren't those ears a hoot?

Trying the dog walk.

Lots of fun and exercise for pups....I think it tired out Aidan too (that's him in the background taking a snooze).

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One Response to 9 week old adventures…

  1. Cindy says:

    Its so great that you are doing all these agility type obstacles with the puppies. Its fun to watch and I think will really help their confidence! :)

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