11 weeks old….

Well we’re done…..Duchess left this weekend to start her new job of farm manager and companion.  She is really well suited for it.  In her last weeks we had her we watched her come along wonderfully with her responsiveness.  It’s amazing what some time and a few hot dogs will do!  Seriously, it’s been an education in evaluating pups.  I think sometimes the effect of litter competition can play out in ways you don’t expect.  Once we had her more one on one, we saw a different pup.  She still maintained enough independence to entertain herself but also learned to come when called and enjoyed hanging with us – a great balance for a farm dog in my opinion.  I think Queen will miss her playmate and sparring partner!  Alice is quick to step into the role of playmate though so she’ll have a dog to rough and tumble with and I’m looking forward to pouring more time and attention into Queen.

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  1. Bets Reedy says:

    On Loki’s second birthday, I wanted to let you know–again–how much we’re enjoying her, how very smart she is–and how much she looks like her mother. She’s had her first one-on-one lesson about herding sheep–and has a lot to learn. The biggest thing right now is SLOWING DOWN. Sheep don’t need to move at top speed all the time. But she’s got good herding instincts and with some occasional professional direction (mostly for me), I think she’ll be a great helper.

    Oh yes–she is an astonishingly vocal dog. About all kinds of things, especially when she’s excited about something (which can be just about any time about any thing). I think you said Sawyer was also vocal?

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