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It’s been about a year since I last updated this blog.  Shortly after our puppy raising adventures last year, Mike was offered a job opportunity in west TN.  He accepted and we began the long process of cleaning up, weeding through and packing.  We arrived at our new home in Nov.  We are slowly acclimating to life here.  There are many many things to get used to: the weather, soil and growing condition, the culture.  We are learning to understand and appreciate the differences in lifestyle and attitude and have met some nice folks.  The dogs have adjusted just fine.  Their life is much the same as it was in IL…acreage to run on, chores to help with, kids to watch over.

Here is a particularly relevant story in that regard.  We’d been here two months.  I posted it on our Facebook page but it’s worth copying here:

Today Aidan came in after walking in the woods with a story about finding a gate, and how they weren’t sure where they were so they turned around and went home. The “we” he was referring to was Sawyer and him. Anyway, he wanted to show me the gate so we went for a hike. He proceeded to lead me down the steep side of the ravine behind our house and back up the other side then over to another steep ravine. I questioned whether he had gone that far by himself. He said yes but then they turned around because he thought they were off our property. I am thankful for a dog like Sawyer who true to ES character watched over his boy. I now know my little guy is far more adventurous than I thought so we’ll be setting some boundaries!

You can see how steep the ravines are.

You can see how steep the ravines are.




Sawyer won the award for hero dog that day!

Sawyer won the award for hero dog that day

These dogs pay you back in a thousand ways every day!

When we moved here, I decided we wouldn’t consider raising another litter until we were settled and prepared.  My son was interested in breeding Maya eventually so we got her hips checked (she came back with great scores!).  By the time she came into heat we were feeling good about going ahead with a breeding.  Our new house is uniquely set up with a potential whelping/puppy raising area that has direct access outside.  We’ll need to do a little fencing to provide a safe place for pups to play outside but otherwise we’ve got a pretty good set up, much better in fact than our old house.

Maya was bred to Sawyer on April 18 so we are expecting pups around June 20th.

maya_sawyer 012 (957x1024)











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