Maya Puppies!!!

Maya had her pups today.  She was 5 days early with pretty subtle labor signs and as a result, she whelped unassisted overnight while we slept.  She went to the spot we prepared for her and gave birth to 10 pups.  Upon discovery this morning, 3 were dead :-(  Whether this was something that could have been prevented if I was there helping is unclear.  The pups appeared normal and good sized, were cleaned and umbilicals  severed.  Another pup was born dead when we took Maya out for a potty break.  So the final count was 11 pups with 7 living.  Of those, 3 are females and 4 are males.  Four are dark sables (some with white, some without).  Three look to be black and tan or tri.  We’ll have to wait to see if that is in fact their coloring or if they are just really dark shaded sables.  Mom is now clean, settled and comfortable and pups are nursing well.

maya_pupsday1 016 (1024x768) maya_pupsday1 017 (1024x768) maya_pupsday1 020 (1024x768) maya_pupsday1 001 (1024x768)



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4 Responses to Maya Puppies!!!

  1. Elise says:

    Aww, they are so cute! Congrats on the babies! I’m sorry 4 of them didn’t make it.

  2. Annie says:

    Congrats to Maya and Sawyer! I know these babies will bring as much love to their future families as Bolt (Peridot) has brought to us!

    The DiCenzo family

  3. Barbara says:

    OMGosh Amy ! they are beautiful – Congrats to everyone, give Maya a pat, I know Marcia would have just loved to see them! Somehow I know she is :-)

    • Administrator says:

      Barbara, I hope she’s smiling. I think of that litter, Maya may be the only breeding dog. I’m so happy to be able to “pay forward” Marcia’s good work in breeding Maya.

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