Gentlemen! Start your engines!!!

So the theme for this litter is “Classic Cars” (you can tell Jesse had a hand in naming these guys!).  Pups are 2 days old in these photos.   We made a mistake in our initial sexing of pups and the actual count is 4 males and 3 females.  They are all doing really well.  They range in size from just under 10 oz (Mustang) to a little over 15 oz. (Barracuda).  Maya is a calm, confident mother and is taking very good care of them.

MUSTANG – sable/white MALE


Cobra - dark sable/white

COBRA – dark sable/white MALE




BARRACUDA – tri-color MALE

NOVA - sable/white FEMALE

NOVA – sable/white FEMALE



CAMARO - tri-color FEMALE

CAMARO – tri-color FEMALE







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4 Responses to Gentlemen! Start your engines!!!

  1. Cyndi Muller says:

    Oh My! You’re not in NW IL anymore?!?!?!? I was so excited when I saw on your FB page that you just had pups … because we’re looking for another ES to someday replace our red BC (who is now arthritic and ready to train a pup to take her place.).

    KY … hmmm … a bit too far for us to travel …. maybe. I so did like the dogs I saw at your place.

    We’re having our 9th Annual Homesteading Weekend this weekend! Carla made me PROMISE that we would continue doing our gathering. When she passed in Oct of that same year, I knew we had to keep our promise to her.

    • Administrator says:

      Actually TN but still a drive from NW IL. Good for you for keeping the Homestead Weekend going. There is so much knowledge people can share with each other. I still remember the one we went to. We had a good time and it was so cool to meet Carla. I’m about ready for another copy of her book. Mine’s worn to pieces! Take care and have a great time this weekend!

  2. Bonita says:

    Can’t wait to see more pictures as they grow. This is one beautiful batch of pups!

  3. Howard Guss says:

    These puppies look great! I hope you will have many opportunities to take more pictures. Congratulations — Howard

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