10 days old

Pups haven’t really changed that much from the last update except for size.  They are growing well!  Cobra and Barracuda are still the stoutest pups with Mustang and Chevelle on the opposite end of the spectrum.  Their eyes are not yet open but they are more active and scramble around when they sense mom is near.  Cobra has been managing to get up and stand on all fours while the others still crawl “GI Joe style”.  I’ve also noticed that Cobra will throw his nose into the air as if air scenting which is something I’ve not observed in a pup this young.  It will be interesting to watch him and see if he indeed possesses more of a nose than his litter mates.  We  handle all pups daily, picking them up, holding them in various positions for a few seconds, letting them smell and taste us.  This kind of mild stress actually promotes neurological development and I believe starts the bonding process off to a good start.  Camaro seems to be the most wiggly resistant pup at this point, occasionally voicing an objection.  Perhaps she is more sensitive to the stimulation or perhaps she just likes to complain!   Here they are in order:  Mustang, Cobra, Barracuda, Charger, Nova, Chevelle, Camaro.

mayapups1week 009

mayapups1week 003






mayapups1week 014










mayapups1week 004










mayapups1week 002


















mayapups1week 012








mayapups1week 008


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