And now….the end is near….

Pups hit the 7 week mark yesterday and are one week away from being able to start heading out to their new homes.  Traits continue to blossom and we’re enjoying being spectators to their transformation into confident, social pups who are ready to take on new adventures.  This coming week they will visit the vet for a check up/puppy shot, we’ll introduce collars and leash, continue to work on comfort in a crate and do some more one on one time in the house including some beginning basic obedience.

This week’s photo shoot features some of the pups enjoying some windfall apples.  It kind of reminded me of the game musical chairs.  There were 7  pups but only 5 or so apples so the game was to get an apple and keep it!

Nova with her prize

Nova with her prize

mayapups_6weeks 015 (1280x960)

A dirty pup is a happy pup. (Chevelle)

mayapups_6weeks 046 (1280x960)

Camaro sporting the wet look. She really loves to play in the water.

mayapups_6weeks 045 (1280x960)

Barracuda striking a big dog pose.

An apple a day.....(Charger)

An apple a day…..keeps Charger sweet and handsome.

Cobra's black mask is becoming more defined.  It almost looks like he has blond "glasses" on.

Cobra’s black mask is becoming more defined. It almost looks like he has blond “glasses” on.

Mustang gets cuter every week.  He is a bold, animated pup with good focus and drive.

Mustang gets cuter every week.

Charger and Cobra are still waiting for their perfect homes.

Both pups are social and people oriented, love kids and enjoy the big dogs.

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  1. Cindy Carlson says:

    What sweet beautiful babies!! <3 :D

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