New adventures ahead…

Well the exodus of pups has begun.  To date, 10 of Ivy’s and 3 of Alice’s pups have left for their new homes.  We’ll get to enjoy some of the rest of them for a little while yet as the last pup isn’t scheduled to leave until late next week and we still have one or two pups to place.  The notes I receive from their new owners are so rewarding.  Truly it’s one of the best parts of breeding…..seeing the joy and excitement these pups bring to their new families.

My decision to keep a pup has remained but I’ve decided that it will be Queen.  She showed me some things in this last week that cemented that small tugging feeling I’ve had about her almost from day one.  I’ve realized that sometimes it takes time to “see” a pup and that my powers of observation can always be honed.  I’m excited.  Queen has the bright attentiveness of her mother with the confidence and exhuberance of her father; a great representation of this breeding.

"This laundry is MINE!"

"Right, Mom?"

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