Good Shepherd Farm’s Sweet Alice

Alice joined our family in May of 09.  She was one of three littermates that was being placed by a fellow breeder and acquired from an Indiana farmer who has been breeding and raising purebred but unregistered working ES since 1967.  Alice’s lines represent a regional pocket that is little known and somewhat isolated so we were excited to add her to our breeding program. We registered her with the ESCR ‘s Step-In program as a Level 1 dog.  This program offers the opportunity for previously unregistered lines to be evaluated and incorporated into the general registered population, thus preserving them and increasing genetic diversity in the over all population.     

Alice has from the time we got her been super responsive, quick to learn, and keen to help with the stock.  Although she has plenty of natural instinct and drive she is not a busy dog and is content to just hang out when nothing needs doing.  She is probably the most shadowy of all my ES; constantly, quietly by my side.  She is extremely gentle and tolerant with young children.  She shows good, natural herding ability but is also soft and nurturing with young stock.   She is devoted and affectionate with her family, cautious and reserved with strangers.  Once she knows you, you have a friend for life.  We attribute her reserve to a lack of early socialization.  Alice’s PennHip score is .33/.24. She is MDR1, CEA and PRA clear. Alice gave us a wonderful litter by Sawyer and has now been retired from breeding.  She still rules the roost as the matriarch of the household though. 

A youthful 11 yr old dog, she is still active and healthy and loving life!
Always watchful over the babies