Good Shepherd’s Hallelujah Rudolph

Rudy is out of Holly and Sawyer’s last litter.  He was my pick of the males.  He’s a wonderful combination of his parents, with the mellow nurturing nature of his mother and the affable, English Shadow nature of his father.  I knew he was a keeper when as an 8 week old pup he made friends with our steer by sticking his head through the gate and kissing him on the nose.  No fear, just calm interest.  He is an excellent varmint hunter and loves to watch over all his charges.  He is exceptionally tolerant of children and gentle with babies of all kinds.  The stock are quite at ease with him and he can move among them without upsetting anyone.  When the time comes to move however, he is quick to command their attention in order to accomplish the goal.  In the face of a challenge, he has demonstrated the ability to devise ways to get the stock to acquiesce to his demands.   

At age 14, Rudy is slowing down and is no longer breeding.  He has contributed his genes through a number of litters and is enjoying his winter years doddering about, sleeping and getting loved on by his humans.

in his prime
as a 13 year old man