Puppies are a lot of work!  Depending on individual circumstances, a mature dog might prove to be a better choice for some families.  In this case we would suggest considering a rescue dog.  Dogs come into rescue for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes it’s just a sad set of circumstances such as an owner dying.  Sometimes it’s a family realizing they don’t have the time and attention to give a dog.  Some rescue dogs come in as strays picked up by local authorities.  In any case, these dogs are waiting for a family to call their own.  Often they are housebroken, socialized and trained in the basics.  Although any dog will need a period of readjustment, with the love and attention of a committed owner they can integrate into their new family quickly.   
National English Shepherd Rescue (NESR) does a great work with our breed helping to rehome ES and ES type dogs.  They do their best to evaluate the dogs they take in and match them up with the right home.  The goal is to make the new home a dog goes to his forever home.  We work closely with NESR, occasionally fostering and evaluating dogs while they are waiting for a permanent home.  While here, we do the best we can to work with them and expose them to farm and family life.  If you are considering a rescue, check out NESR’s site: 

One of our favorite foster dogs, Dante who went from feral to happy in our care