Our Dogs

Our dogs are members of our family and partners in most everything we do.  We’ve lived the homestead life for quite a number of years.  Our move to the country as a young family had its roots in our desire to provide for ourselves, to have a closer relationship with the land and to raise our children amidst the beauty of the natural world, fostering the character that country living requires. Raising both livestock and children can certainly be done without a dog in the picture, but we’ve found that our dogs have embellished our lives and work and made them richer and more meaningful.  They are true partners, ever willing to do what we ask.  They have been wonderful teachers of patience, compassion, diligence, even playfulness and have demonstrated loyalty and honesty, at times outshining their humans. One of the reasons we do what we do is to help other people experience all these dogs have been to us.  Info on current and past Good Shepherd dogs is found here. Click on each dog’s subtab above to see their information.