Good Shepherd Farm’s Hallelujah (2002-2007)

I will always have memories that will forever live in my mind of a pretty gold and white dog who pleaded so politely with Patty our Belgian mare for permission to nuzzle the newborn foal….and who actually managed to get permission. Of her counting the goat kids every morning when we went to do chores to make sure they were all still there.  Of the playful relationship she had with her goats and of the trust those goats had of her with their newborn kids.  Of bringing feeder pigs home and seeing that dog jump right into their pen and snuggle down next to them as if they were her own pups.  Of a wonderful mother galivanting across the pasture with her pups teaching them to play in proper ES fashion.  Of a dog who during hunting season guarded with fierce tenacity the deer hanging in the barn.  She would not allow any of the other dogs near but not once gave it a sniff.  It belonged to her people.  Of that order loving dog who lived to enforce the rules and gleefully bossed whatever animal was not obeying them.  Of the commonsense of a dog that would run off a coyote but not be foolish enough to be lured away into danger.  Of a dog who was normally reserved with strangers but who could spot the special people; people who were hurting, troubled or who otherwise needed an English Shepherd’s head laid kindly in their lap.  Of a dog who tried so hard to communicate with her stupid human, gazing at me intently until I guessed what she wanted and then “praising” me by doing a happy dance.   Memories of that loyal dog who let babies crawl on and around her and wrap her fur in their pudgy fingers; who never failed to accompany her children on their many jaunts and adventures (even when they would have preferred to go alone).  Thank you my girl for teaching me what an ES could and should be.  Cancer took you too soon but you’ll not ever be forgotten.