Good Shepherd Farm’s White Oak Sawyer (2004-2014)

From the moment Sawyer entered our family as a tiny pup he demonstrated a calm, confident, friendly attitude.  About the only negative thing I can remember about his puppyhood was his mouthiness.  The boy was nippy as a pup!  We worked past that and he became the best kind of dog….a tolerant, happy playmate and faithful protector to our children, a chore companion for me, a hunter/trapper sidekick for my sons.  He could herd if asked and proved capable and helpful in an emergency (like when the draft horses busted through the fence and were headed to the neighbor’s) but his real niche was varmint control . He treed many a coon and even dispatched a few.  He kept the place free of vermin and under the tutelage of  our farmcollie, Judah, learned to run up trees in an effort to get squirrels.  He was a steady dog, non plussed by most things and he lent that steadiness to his pups.  He was the first smiler I have ever had and he made me smile!  He greeted everyone he met with a wagging tail and a calm demeanor.  He will forever be missed.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to line breed on him and retain many of his traits.   

What a grin!
Looking more dignified