UPDATE: 4 male pups were born on Dec 18. Click on the blog for more info. Still taking applications. Because this was a small litter with no females to retain, it will be important to me to place some of these boys in potential breeding homes

China was bred in mid October and we expect pups just before Christmas. The sire is a beautiful boy from OH who helps his mom with the cattle and horses on their farm. Tate has an exceptional temperament, good work ethic and is handsome to boot!

These two share a love for the game of fetch and shared their toys

Tate comes from the same regional pocket of ES as Alice. I am thrilled to have found Tate and help conserve some of these lesser known lines!

Banks Charming Tate

Tate is registered with the ESCR. He is OFA Fair and is clear for MDR1, CEA, PRA and DM