The ES Breed

Is the English Shepherd the right breed for you? 

Sometimes known as the old farmcollie, these dogs came to America from Great Britain with the early settlers.  They remained a fixture on most farms up until the 1950’s when the popularity of the show collie and the more specialized herding breeds gained in strength.  The intelligence and usefulness of this all purpose farm dog however allowed it to remain the “farmers best kept secret”.  In addition to it’s superb ability to rate its stock when herding, the English Shepherd retains a nurturing guardian attitude toward its charges both animal and human.  Many ES are also good hunters, adept at treeing prey, tracking and pest eradication.  It is this trifecta of traits that makes this breed a valuable asset to the small farmer or homesteader who desires one dog who can do it all.  Most English Shepherds have an innate sense of order and are bossy enough to maintain it, so although they are eager to please, they need strong leadership and a job to do. They have earned the nickname “English Shadow” for their devotion and propensity to be everywhere you are. Click on the subtabs to read more about each trait.

Always nearby, the English Shadow!