Good Shepherd Farm’s Queen of Hearts (2012-2020)

Queen was born in March of 2012 and was the result of a conservation breeding between Alice, who is from a less represented Midwest line of ES, and Sawyer.  I couldn’t have asked for a better dog to carry on Alice’s pedigree.  She represented the best of both her parents.  She was extremely smart and intuitive with high desire to please and a good dose of drive.  She had a well rounded friendly attitude toward people and other pets.  Her work ethic was strong and she learned most of her farm dog tasks without formal instruction.  She was my go to dog to round up and put up the poultry, getting the job done quickly and efficiently without undue force.  She was an expert mouser and loved hunting the brush piles. She was on the small side (just under 40#), agile and athletic.  On top of all of that, she had a quirky sense of humor and inherited her father’s propensity to smile, keeping us laughing.  She was bred twice producing extraordinary pups. We kept one female (China) from her first litter and a male (Tally) from her second. Sadly, we lost Queen too early, at age 8.  She will be forever missed.

Queen (right) with her mom Alice