Good Shepherd Farm Puppy Contract

I,_________________________, (hereafter known as the Buyer) agree to purchase from Amy Dorsch of Good Shepherd Farm, (hereafter known as the Breeder), the (Male/Female) English Shepherd pup: 

Litter name –                                                  

Description –  

For the sum of:________ to be paid in full at pick up of said pup or, if pup is to be shipped, prior to the shipping date.  If a deposit is paid to hold the pup, the amount of the deposit will be deducted from the purchase price. 

If pup is to be shipped, all costs of shipping are the responsibility of the buyer. 

I agree to take said pup to my veterinarian for a health check within 72 hours of receiving the pup (excluding weekends/holidays).  If any health or congenital condition affecting the pup is found during that visit, upon certification from my veterinarian, I will be given the opportunity to return the pup (at my expense) for a full refund.  The opportunity for refund of a pup due to health issues expires 10 days after receipt of pup. 

I agree to maintain the pup in good condition, including regular veterinary care, a good diet, proper exercise and a clean, safe environment. I will not chain this pup nor leave him outside without adequate protection from the elements.

If, at any time, I choose not to keep this pup I will immediately notify the breeder and give her the opportunity to take the pup back. before other placements are considered.       

If this pup is used for breeding, the buyer agrees to the following stipulations: 

*Dog will not be bred before the age of 2 years 

*The dog’s hips will be evaluated using either of the following recognized methods:  PennHIP or OFA, with a photocopy of the results given to the breeder.  If the results of the PennHIP fall below the 50th percentile of the breed or if there is evidence of DJD; or if the OFA rating is not Normal (Excellent, Good or Fair rating), the dog will not be bred and will be spayed or neutered. 

*The health and well being of the dog will be assessed prior to breeding. If the dog is a bitch, every effort will be made to breed no more frequently than once a year, understanding that consecutive breedings are not in the best interest of the health of the bitch.  Repeated back to back breedings will be considered a breech of this stipulation. 

*Offspring of the dog will be placed conscientiously with respect to education, protection and preservation of the breed.       

Failure to adhere to any of the above points in this contract will result in the breeder’s right to reclaim the dog.   

The breeder agrees that:  

Prior to leaving the breeder, the pup will have received its first vaccination and will have been de-wormed and been checked by the breeder’s veterinarian and determined to be in good health. 

An accurate 3-generation pedigree will be furnished to the buyer. 

The pup will be registered through the following recognized registries:  

English Shepherd Club Registry – ESCR 

Papers will be applied for by the breeder and delivered to the buyer after purchase of the pup. 

If at any time the buyer can no longer keep the pup, the breeder agrees to take the pup back. 

Signed this day, ___________________ 

Breeder ________________________________________ 

Buyer ________________________________________