Good Shepherd Farm’s Blacksheep Ivy (2006-2012)

Ivy came from Tish Toren’s Blacksheep Homestead in 2006.  She quickly established herself as a spunky little dog, full of get up and go and always willing to help.  She was an intent watcher and very keyed into what her people  were doing.  You could almost feel her stare as she watched you from across the room.  She rarely missed a thing.  She was an affectionate dog, so much so that we used to joke that  she’d climb into your pocket if she could!  She was gentle and patient with our children and a fabulous mother to her own pups.  She possessed a good dose of ES bossy nature , picking up on the rules and routines of the farm and keeping everyone towing the line.  She didn’t ever make work for herself but when asked to help, she got the job done with gusto!  She also had that wonderful ES empathy and desire to care for the master’s things.  She loved babies of all kinds and always made sure they were watched over.  Unfortunately her life was cut short when she was hit by the mail carrier as he pulled into our drive to turn around. She never chased cars, but something about that vehicle and her pups nearby provoked a defensive reaction and she attempted to escort him away. He did not see her. Her pups were 6 weeks old. She and Alice had pups within days of each other so Alice took over Ivy’s pups, mothering them alongside her own until they were ready to leave. Ivy was a dog with immense heart and is much missed.  We are blessed to know that her legacy lives on in the pups she produced.