Good Shepherd Farm’s Queen’s Fine China

Queen’s first litter, sired by Good Shepherd Mellow Moonshiner (an Ivy/Rudy pup), yielded some outstanding dogs.   Of the three girls in that litter, the one known as Fiddle stuck out.  She was the most inquisitive.  She had that little spark of mischief and a confidence that led her to indulge it.  She had freckles like her mom but was a tri color like her dad.  I decided she was the pup I would keep.  We re-named her China.   As she grew, I started to see glimpses of the dogs behind her.  It’s incredible to look into the eyes of a dog and see those dogs looking back at you.  I saw Ivy in her looks and her intense snuggly nature. She learned to smile like her mom and her Grandpa Sawyer.  She showed the attentiveness and desire to connect of her Grandma Alice and the goofy playfulness of her Grandpa Rudy.  Truly a legacy dog! 

China is active and ready for any adventure.  She brings a lot of drive to her work and play.  Fetch is her favorite game and she takes her boundary protection duties seriously.  She earned her CGC at 8 months of age which says a lot about her desire to please. She is happy to do whatever you are doing whether it is grabbing a beer at the local brewery, hiking, or just hanging out.  China’s Pennhip score is .26/.24 .  She is clear for MDR1, CEA and PRA. She is registered with ESCR as a Step in Level 3 dog.