Puppy Preparations

I spent time over Thanksgiving weekend setting up a whelping area for Miss China in our guest bedroom closet. It is private, quiet spot, has a nearby comfy bed for the human midwife and a bathroom for cleaning up. I took a suggestion from a fellow breeder and bought a piece of cheap vinyl flooring to lay over the carpet in the closet. This gives me a cleanable 4×10 area that pups can use once they are able to escape the whelping box. We can eventually expand their area out into the bathroom. Prepping this early means that China should feel comfortable there when the time comes. I feed her in there and we hang out in the adjoining room and watch TV in the evenings. I’ve got a puppy cam set up so I can monitor activity remotely. Now I guess I just twiddle my thumbs for 3 weeks!

At some point there will be a gate across this doorway and puppies looking out! You can see the whelping box in the background.

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